Aquaculture – Fish & shellfish Farms

Probius A™

  • Increases Feed Conversion

  • Promotes Faster Weight Gain

  • Improves Health and Vigour

  • Enhances Immunity

  • Inhibits Pathogens in the Gut and Water Column Including Vibrio and Myco species.

  • Promotes a Pathogen Free System Through Competitive Exclusion and

  • Direct Biochemical Disruption.

Prodigus S&W™

  • Reduces Organic Sludge Build-Up

  • Reduces Nitrates and Nitrites and Lowers BOD

  • Reduces or Eliminates Phosphate

  • Decreases Turbidity by Reducing TSS and TDS

  • Harmless to Fish, Shellfish and Vertebrate

  • Can be Used in Both Fresh and Salt Water


  • Nitrus™ is a complementary blend of the bacteria Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, and • Nitrospira used to control the build-up of ammonia and nitrite in aquariums, ponds and aquaculture operations.

  • Nitrus™ is produced (grown) when ordered to insure the greatest bacterial viability and longest shelf life.

  • Nitrus™ is custom made for fresh, brackish or salt water. (please specify when ordering).

  • Nitrus™ is extremely concentrated to insure quick reduction of ammonia and nitrite.

  • Nitrus™ can be custom made for unique environments or applications.


Aquarius E&W™ can be applied to lagoons used to raise fish and shrimp. It will reduce the levels of ammonia and nitrite in the water as well as the organic sludge build-up resulting from over-feeding and fish and shrimp waste. Regular applications of Aquarius E&W™ during the growing cycle will allow the lagoon to support larger populations of fish and shrimp.

AquaLactus™ will supply the natural antibiotic precursors that will eliminate vibrio and micobacteria, major contributors to post larval mortality increasing food quality and quantity.