Generated Waste Water

Municipal wastewater treatment facilities in many parts of the world are more frequently being used as a raw water source. In the U.S. alone, wastewater reprocessing at these facilities are increasing by 15 percent annually. OUR TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION, OPERATIONAL MODIFICATIONS, OR MAINTENANCE, KEEPING COSTS RESTRICTED TO THE COST OF THE PRODUCTS.

Prodigus S&W™ when injected in lift stations or at pre-screening stage will dilute the organic solids, and will reduce maintenance downtime and operational interruptions. The product will continue its action throughout the primary and secondary treatment phases. The bacteria will be eliminated once the disinfectant has been injected into the secondary effluent.

Prodigus S&W™ will also rid the plant of any odours that sometimes emanate from wastewater treatment plants.

Prodigus S&W™ will also continue its action on the primary and secondary sludge and produce a rich organic fertiliser than can be used in agriculture.

Depending on the nature of the disinfectant, it should evaporate within a few days if stored in open air, as is often the case in wastewater treatment plants. The right dosage of GeoHumus™ can then be added to the secondary effluent and the water sold by the Wastewater Treatment Plant as enriched irrigation water for boosting agricultural soil.