Livestock & Cattle

Probius C™ is an animal pro-biotic and dietary supplement. Probius C™ contains 12 different species of beneficial microbes that are applied to the food or water. These beneficial microbes colonize inside the gut of the animal and cause much greater feed conversion. Increased feed conversion typically results in faster weight gain. In addition, animals fed Probius C™ exhibit enhanced immunity and improved health and vigour. Gut bacterial pathogens are greatly reduced when using Probius C™ through competitive exclusion and direct biochemical disruption. Animals receiving Probius C™ have greatly decreased mortality ratios.

Capitalus™ is a combination of naturally occurring microorganisms that will not harm humans, livestock, or the surrounding ecosystems. Regular application of Capitalus™ to the troughs below animal pens reduces sludge accumulation, preventing channel blocking and reducing the quantity of water used to flush the wastes to the collection ponds. Periodically adding Capitalus™ to the collection ponds completely breaks the sludge in them to liquids, making them easier to pump-out. Capitalus™ metabolizes the ammonia present in the waste on contact, eliminating the odours from the pens, channels, and ponds. Capitalus™ is environmentally friendly and since it eliminates ammonia and liquefies sludge, accidental releases from collection ponds will not harm surrounding surface water. Liquid from the collection ponds can be sprayed on soils, enriching them similar to an application of compost.