Oil & Gas applications

High Pour point? High Cloud Point? High Paraffin? High Asphaltenes? Problems with mud cake? Emulsions, Corrosion, Scale? High sulphur? Whether onshore, offshore, in tar sands, in refineries, pipelines, or tankers, NAUTILUS E&P™ will provide the solution. It will improve the quality of the Crude Oil, will increase the production data, and at the same time will reduce the production costs, will eliminate the need to use any other products. NAUTILUS E&P™ will clean your pipelines of any deposits eliminating the need for heating, pigging, and other downtime operations. NAUTILUS E&P™ is formulated with naturally occurring bacteria that enhance the work of nature without loss of quantity, and with less or no additional energy required.


NAUTILUS E&P™ is our bio-chemical compound developed for the Oil and Gas Industry. NAUTILUS E&P™ is a multiuse product for Crude Oil, Gas, and Tar Sands that will:

Benefits on the quality of Oil

  • Dissolve the Paraffin molecules >C20 resulting in a significant reduction of the viscosity of the Crude Oil.

  • Dissolve the asphaltenes into lighter molecules. NAUTILUS E&P™ does not discriminate between types of Carbon


  • Act as a pour point depressant.

  • Act as a cloud point depressant.

  • Successfully compete with the H2S bacteria present in crude oil, thus reducing the sulphur content of the crude oil and at the same time reducing further the risks of corrosion.

Benefits on the operational components:

  • Reduce corrosion by building a film on the walls of the well tubing thus protecting them from corrosion.

  • Break Emulsions and reverse emulsions.

  • Dissolve the mud cake.

  • Increase production.

NAUTILUS E&P™ is injected with a special nutrient designed to enhance the multiplication of microorganism within the environment they are treating. Unlike chemical products used in the Oil Industry the actions of NAUTILUS E&P on the crude oil and Tar Sands are irreversible.

Biorismus E&W™ is a concentrated blend of live liquid microbes and a biodegradable surfactant that cleans, degreases and bio remediates hydrocarbon contamination associated with wellheads and the associated soil and ballast, firewalls, compressor stations, leaking valves, drilling mud etc.

Magnus P&W™ will break down the long chains of cellulose in industrial water into smaller sugar molecules producing an ideal feedstock for bio-fuels and lactite, the base product for biodegradable plastics.