Oil Spills and Decontamination

Our products offer solutions at different levels of Oil Spills no matter how large the body of water is. Whether a pond, a lake, or large offshore Oil spills, our products will treat the spill itself and the consequences on the environment.


Biorismus E&W™, injected at the right concentrations in marshes, ponds and lakes will dissolve all hydrocarbons within a short period of time. Alkenes, Chlorinated Hydrocarbon, Aromatics & Poly-aromatics, Ketenes, alcohols, pesticides, will be bio-remediated. In large offshore oil spills Z2O will mobilise their teams of scientists who will deploy at the site of the spill, and will be able to continuously inject Biorismus E&W™ enabling the complete dissolution of all contaminants, well before the oil spill can affect the wild life habitat.

Biorismus E&W™ will swiftly treat in depth all beaches contaminated by an Oil Spill, with minimum impact on the wildlife and their habitat.

Aquarius E&W™ is a safe natural product that is used to safely clean wildlife affected by an oil spill. We have observed wild life recovering within 24 to 48 hours from being obliterated by an oil spill, and being able to resume normal activities.

Aquarius E&W™ is designed for use in marshes, ponds, lakes, and lagoons where the accumulation of organic wastes and odours is a problem. Aquarius E&W™ is composed of natural occurring bacteria that metabolize organic waste into harmless compounds of CO2, H2O, etc. Aquarius E&W™ is an effective means of restoring and maintaining water bodies that have become turbid and supporting excessive algae growth, to balanced, healthy aquatic ecosystems.  It is harmless to fish, aquatic vertebrates and crustaceans and works in both fresh and salt water.

Nitrus™ is primarily used in aquariums to control ammonia and nitrite. Ammonia is converted to nitrite and then to nitrate, offering a much healthier environment for wild life to thrive