Waste Water

Over the years we have developed products to offer a complete solution for dealing with wastewater. From consumer-produced wastewater to rehabilitation of the water for further use, our products offer an efficient solution to treating wastewater and re-using. Individual households, Local authorities, and industries can look forward.

The main task of our microbial products is to reduce Biological, and total Oxygen Demand (BOD & TOD) as well as Total Dissolved and Suspended Solids (TDS & TSS) in used water.

Prodigus S&W™ is our main product for Industrial and Municipal wastewater treatment plants. The formulation of the different microbes contained in this product will act at various levels of the treatment process to ensure an efficient result.

The addition of microbes to wastewater allows the water to be recycled, or discharged without damage to the environment. The end products of microbial metabolism are short-chained fatty acids, CO2, and water. By eliminating these components in wastewater the BOD, COD, odour, TDS, and TSS are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Prodigus S&W™ will prepare the water for further re-use securing additional income for the producer. Using our products will save water and is regarded as an investment rather than a cost.

In order to evaluate the requirements of your plant and dosages please fill in our Data Form and we will respond with full recommendations that will best suit your operation.